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Enhancing cultural sensitivity and expression competences to develop individual and collective skills at the service of social cohesion


Welcome to the Art-Connection project website

This site is dedicated to the Art-Connection project, supported by four European players in education, training and of the cultural and heritage sector.

The project aims to contribute to the reflection about competences relating to cultural sensitivity and expression, by exploring the different aspects of life in common:  working, living together, cooperation, sharing and common enrichment.

These links between cultural skills and other professional, social or civic skills position Art-Connection as a project at the service of people, aiming to equip professionals of pedagogic accompaniment, the organizations and the territories, for a better understanding of their cultural issues.

Competences in cultural and sensitivity and expression involve having an understanding of and respect for how ideas and meaning are creatively expressed and communicated in different cultures and through a range of arts and other cultural forms. It involves being engaged in understanding, developing and expressing one’s own ideas and sense of place or role in society in a variety of ways and contexts.

The 8th European Key Competence defined by the European Commission (May 2018)

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