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Les Nymphéas, Claude Monet, 1920-1926

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APapp is the leader of the Art-Connection consortium and is also conducting a participatory action research in France

The Association for the Promotion of the APP label (APapp)

The APapp is head of the APP network. For more than thirty-five years, the APPs have been implementing an educational approach based on accompanied self-training. Thus, the APP network offers a strong potential for observations of innovative pedagogic practices.


Roles in the Art-Connection project

As leader of the consortium, APapp liaises with the French Erasmus+ agency and is responsible for the administration, coordination and general running of the project.

APapp is leading on the 5th deliverable (European memorandum) and is contributing to all productions of the project; APapp is also conducting its own action research in France and is in charge of organising the 3rd dissemination event to be held in Paris.

Project referent: Isabelle Salvi. Project manager R&D in pedagogy – Referent for Apprenant Agile

APapp action research

The APapp will rely on the territorial anchoring of its network, and its latest developments under the Apprenant Agile certification process, to launch its own participatory action research.

Several APPs will therefore experiment with a course engineering in a combination of multimodal and transdisciplinary educational practices, encouraging social and collective responsibility and the development of partnerships and agreements on territories.  The aim will be to articulate action, research and training, with an accompaniment to reflexive and eco-dialogical practice according to a systemic process of co-creativity:

  • Permanence and displacement in socio-cultural centres, neighbourhoods, sports clubs, FabLabs…
  • Organization of neighbourhood parties, sporting or cultural
  • Co-construction of cultural projects and initiatives with and for beneficiaries.
  • Creating escape/serious games and other educational tools.
  • Partnership with neighbourhood structures, cultural heritage and mobility actors.
  • Organization of communication actions to strengthen the knowledge of the players who can propose solutions.

Several APP get mobilized in the experimentations:

  • The APPs involved in the project [Re]connaissances (a project funded as part of a national call for projects “100% inclusion – The factory of remobilization”, with the aim of reaching out to and accompanying vulnerable audiences, often far from employment) and more specifically the APPs of Barbezieux and of Dijon.
  • The APP of Marquette-lez-Lille, who is implementing for more than twenty years innovative cultural projects.
  • All APPs wishing to participate in a collective experiment based on the urban Sketchers network’s initiative so to “see the world of drawing in drawing”.

Focus on the European Memorandum (5th deliverable)

The aim is to offer and promote educational materials for all professionals and organisations in charge of education and accompaniment of young people and adults.

The purpose of the memorandum is to promote a philosophy of Apprenance* with an entry by cultural situations.

It will be presented in the form of a final document of studies and recommendations to encourage any organization to mobilize the creativity of each to respond to the challenges of innovation, the ability to learn and to open up to differences, in a context of globalization and the intensified crossover of cultures.

The Memorandum is intended for professionals and organisations in charge of the pedagogical accompaniment for young and adult audiences, it aims to support the development of a paradigm shift in orientation, evaluation and recognition, the enhancement and validation of experience (RVAE).

*Apprenance: a sustainable set of provisions favourable to the act of learning, in all formal and informal situations, experiential or didactic, self-directed or not, intentional or fortuitous. (Carré, 2005)

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