Let’s go for Art-Connection project!

In July 2019, the French agency Erasmus confirmed the funding of the Art-Connection project.

The project brings together four partners:

  • Association for the Promotion of the APP label (France, Paris)
  • Istituto Luigi Sturzo (Italy, Rome)
  • Conversas Associação Internacional (Portugal, Lisbon)
  • Loughborough University (United Kingdom, Loughborough)

This new European project is a continuation of a previous one led by the CNAM, called Eure-K. The subject of this previous European project was to study how to “validate and certify European key competences”. The consortium was gathering 10 partners (including APapp and Istituto Luigi Sturzo), coming from four European territories: Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal.

For the record, Eure.K had set itself the aim of studying and promoting models for the validation and certification of the eight key competences defined by the European Union as “essential for personal development, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge society”. The project focused specifically on the last four key skills: “Learning to Learn,” “Civic and Social,” “Spirit of Initiative and Enterprise” and “Cultural Sensitivity and Expression.” The 4th day of dissemination organized in Rome by the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, had made it clear that the 8th key skill was perhaps the most important of all, in that it invites us to go to the heart of the territories in order to meet the cultural heritage common to all!

This new European Art-Connection project, funded by an Erasmus programme, aims to “value the 8th European key competence (cultural sensitivity and expression) as a lever for the development of individual and collective skills in the service of social cohesion».

Il "Bridge of Art" dell'artista filippino Pacita Abad e il Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), Singapore.